Rap Association

Using rap to bridge the gap between

education and urban culture

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Rap is often seen to have negative connotations

And this causes the advantages to be overlooked. We aim to use rap to it’s full capacity showing its educational values and social benefits.

What to expect

We will help improve some of the following skills

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Improved Confidence

In life confidence is key for all kinds of situations

Increase Creativity

Discover a tool that can be used as a form of expression and a healthy outlet


The better you are at communication, the better your chance of creating connections


The most important. We always have a good time


Have a look at what happens in our workshops


We also put on events, they’re pretty amazing…

JaydeWorkshop Attendee

“I thought it was exceptional, everyone had a positive energy and on top of that I learnt many things for the future! For someone as young as myself, I felt comfortable and included in all the activities. ”

LateefahBrunel Students Union

“The workshop was interactive, lighthearted and inspirational. People really got into it and by the end, people who had never written or performed before came up with some fire bars”

Trevor Murphy Workshop Attendee

“You guys really helped me to overcome a fear. You guys engender so much joy in the groups you work with. You guys are infectious and you fill everyone with fun. You helped everyone in the group overcome their fears. I've been doing poetry since 2014 but only performed around Christmas and you guys are apart of that.”

AdamWorkshop Attendee

“I found the workshop to be fun, informative and effective. It was a great balance of education and creativity. The quiz end was effective at making sure I retained the information.”

Abstract BennaSpoken Word Artist

“The workshop was so lit! It was easy to understand I wanted to engage. I didn't look at my phone once, except to tweet the hashtag!”

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