A Little About Us

We believe that rap, as an art form, has the ability to engage and inspire people from all walks of life. Rap Association is a community interest company that hosts rap workshops at corporate events, festivals and fun days. We also run annual events incorporating positive messages and themes in the form of performing arts.

Founded in January 2016


We host Rap Workshops at Festivals, corporate events and retreats. Our workshops cater for a diverse range of themes. Topics we have addressed in our workshops include:

  • Mental Health (with Brunel University students union & UK Youth) Exploring the stigma of mental health in ethnic communities
  • Creativity, Kindness, Happiness (Museum of Happiness) Conducting a series of activities to improve wellbeing
  • Team Bonding (The Challenge Staff) Facilitating activities to increase the cohesiveness of the workforce
  • Innovation (Step Forward Business students) Helping young entrepreneurs create jingles for their projects
  • Community Impact (NCS Cohort) Including conversations around environmental care
  • Money Management (Money 4 Life) Teaching young adults fundamental financial information
  • Shakespeare 400th Anniversary (Oxford University outreach and administration team) Helping KS3 students understand and transform a Shakespeare sonnet into their own lyrics

We have hosted workshops with many companies across England with over 1000 participants, connecting people from various backgrounds, ranging from 11-year-olds to 60 plus.


Every year we host an event to inspire the youth and bring communities together.

Our first year’s event (2016) was based on Black History. There were singers, dancers, poets and speakers who delved into pre-slavery black history to inspire the youth. Not to mention, the live band and small black-owned businesses from the community that came to sell their products and share their business ideas.

For our second year (2017), we hosted a Multicultural event to give people in Lewisham borough a holistic view of their demographic, to bridge the gap between cultures. This fun day was filled with activities, food and entertainment. Different artists came up and represented their culture as people ate from a range of cuisines including Turkish, Chinese Jamaican, French and more. We even had a cultural Quiz!

In 2018, we teamed up with Money 4 Life to deliver a Money Management Rap Workshop. We invited young people between the age of 18 – 25 to show them some fundamental money skills such as budgeting, borrowing and saving; and how to do them effectively. It proved to be a great balance between fun and educational with lyric writing sessions between teachings and a performance at the end by the youth with lyrics including things they had learned throughout the day.

Our First Event

Our Values


Here at Rap Association we create and facilitate workshops that help to bridge the gap between education and urban culture; using rap as the main component. 

Our focus is to enlighten young people with knowledge that wouldn’t typically be taught at school, such as Money Management, Mental Health and Laws & Rights


We have a passion for the youth and host events for young people to have a platform and have their say.

We facilitate events that give young people the opportunity to display their political views, opinions on the community and their own story through rap, poetry and spoken word.


We have assisted hundreds of people with constructing their first ever lyrics giving them close tuition and guidance.

We have given a wide range of participants the opportunity to perform in groups putting together rap songs around themes such as innovation, creativity and stress management.